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Home Remedies For Common Baby Illnesses

Home remedies are handy first aid fixes you can find in your home. It’s a must for parents to know these natural tactics at addressing health emergencies, particularly with a baby or a young child. With home remedies, you do not need to go far and wide to find solutions for common illnesses. Your kitchen and your garden are the best place to look for. There are plenty of common spices found in your kitchen that are good cure for minor illnesses. There are also plants and weeds in your garden which are not familiar to you that have potential medicinal properties. Knowledge of home remedies will save you from spending unnecessary time and money for a common cold. There are many doctor-approved home remedies that could help your ailing child feel better.

Home remedies for Constipation.

It is a common digestive disorder that inflicts children as well as adults. Difficulty in bowel movement can be painful for children. It can be avoided if your child drinks plenty of water. The doctors recommend 8 glasses of water for body wastes elimination and for good blood circulation. Aside from water, laxatives are best cure for constipation. There are plenty of laxatives inside your fridge. Oatmeal, papaya, pineapple, prunes and corn syrup are good laxatives. Give your child any of these as snack and he will never be constipated again. For your adult constipation relief check out homeremedyadvisory.com

Home remedies for Colic.

The condition called colic makes your baby feel uncomfortable. The onset of colic usually starts on the early afternoon until very late at night. Colicky babies cry their lungs out continuously that will leave you rattled and confused. There is really no concrete explanation why some babies suffer from colic more than others. The theory says they have ingested gas more than other babies. To alleviate the suffering of your child, boil mineral oil with scallions. It makes an effective massage oil for your baby’s tummy. When the oil mixture cools, apply a thin layer over your baby’s tummy. It decreases 65% of the discomfort. Also, position your baby on his stomach. Gently pound his back with you cupped palm so he can pass gas.

Home remedies for Nausea.

When your baby feels dizzy due to long distance travel, make a ginger juice. Ginger is best not only for motion sickness but also for sore throat. Boil a quart of water, add chopped ginger and a little sugar. The amount of ginger is up to you. You must adjust it according to your baby’s tolerance to spicy beverage. It works well for your baby and for you, too.

Home remedies for Fever.

It is common among infants to get fever every now and then. Do not panic if your child gets fever. It is the way for the body to react when foreign microbes attack. It is the combative reaction of your baby’s body, an indication that his immune system is working. When your child has a fever, lowering the temperature is your main objective. High fever would cause convulsions and brain damage. Doctors advise to give your baby a lukewarm bath including the head. This will lower his temperature.

Home remedies for Cough and colds.

Honey is not only for pancake topping but also for cough and cold. Mix a spoonful of honey with lemon, add a little water. Adjust the taste so that it will not be too sweet or too sour for your baby. Use medicine dropper for easy swallowing. Sunflower is also a good cure for common cough and cold. Boil a withered flower including the dries stem and seeds. Cool and drink. You can mix it with your baby’s milk or juice. Your kitchen is a wonderland of home remedies. Learn each vegetable, spice, and condiments to equip you with quick-fix knowledge. Your ailing child will quickly be comforted.

Home remedies provides alternative cure for you and your child rather than the doctor’s prescription.

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