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Home remedies for the flu


The flu is an infectious disease caused by the influenza virus with symptoms ranging from mild to severe. The most common symptoms include a high fever, runny nose, sore throat, muscle and headaches, coughing’ nausea, vomiting and a general feeling of fatigue. When you come down with flu, before rushing to a pharmacologist and stocking up on meds, it would be easier to consider these tested and proven home flu remedies. A time honored remedy passed down from generations and has so far proven true must be the first thing you try out when you find yourself with the flu. Chicken soup helps in preventing inflammations caused by white blood cells and also helps in the reduction of mucus production.

The heat from the soup assists in thinning the mucus. You may also want to flavor your soup with garlic and some red chili peppers so as to give your aid in bolstering your immunity and increase the broths decongestant power. Ensure you drink lots of water. The flu can leave you dehydrated, especially if you are vomiting or have diarrhea.

Fruit juice, soda and other electrolyte beverages are fine; herbal tea with honey can soothe a sore throat. Drink up as much as you can so as to keep your mucous membrane moist. Gargling can bring temporary relief by bringing about a moistened sore throat. Try putting a teaspoon of salt in warm water and stirring till the salt dissolves, at least four times a day. To reduce the tickle in your throat, try a less harsh such as tea, which helps in tightening the membranes. Or, use a thick gargle made with honey, cayenne pepper and sage. You can also add a pinch of salt and some cider vinegar to help loosen the phlegm.

Let the mixture cool to room temperature before gargling. Go to bed with cold feet. This method can aid in alleviating your fever by encouraging blood flow which in turn increases blood circulation. First you warm your feet by placing them in direct contact with hot water. Soak a pair of thin socks in cold water, rinse them out and put them on before going to bed. Also, put on a pair of dry socks over the wet ones. You cannot entirely treat the flu you must employ the use of home flu remedies that help in tackling the various symptoms that the flu presents. Remedies that also include, the use of humidifiers, nasal irrigation, hot-boxing in a steam bowl, use of warm compressors on the forehead and nose to relieve headache and sinus pain and plenty of rest.

Alternative remedies for curing pain


What do you do when you catch a cold during the winter? We spend a lot of money on medicine that is quite expensive, when all you need to cure the pain and make the remedy you need is right inside your home. Save you precious time and money by taking the time to read about some of the home made remedies we’ve gathered. Some of them may seem strange, even scary, but all of them are positive to work and you don’t have to buy antibiotics, making your body get use to the pills.

When you have a sore throat you can : – use honey and bicarbonate of soda. Mix one soup spoon of honey with one soup spoon of bicarbonate of soda. Roll a cotton bandage around you finger and dip it into the mixture. After that gently rub it onto the tonsils.

If you have pain due to a fever just :- make yourself tea from linden. It makes you sweat and lowers your temperature.- mix vinegar and cool, not cold, water in a ratio 2:1. After that soke a towel in the mixture and place it on the forehead, palms and feet of the sick person.

If the fever continues you can cover the whole body in a blanket soked in the mixture.- you can shred a potatoe and place it in a wet thin blanket or towel. After that place it on the forehead.

When you have a bad cough : – you can make yourself an inhalation. Inhalations are a perfect way to cure a sore throat. One way is to boil two soup spoons of chamomile and one soup spoon of bicarbonate of soda in a half a liter pot of water. You just bend over the pot while is boiling and breathe the fumes. Another easy inhalation is to use your bathroom. You have to turn on the hot water and wait until there is steam everywhere. Stand in the middle of the bathroom for about ten minutes and breathe in the steam.

And one last thing to strengthen your immune system. Take half a jar of honey. Mix it with four or five soup spoons of lemon juice and one soup spoon of walnuts. Stir well We hope you try these home remedies. Each one of them has been tested and guaranteed to work. We sincerely hope you enjoy making and using them and hope that we’ve helped cure some of your problems.